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Custom Package

Unlike a JavaScript library, fluid is a JavaScript application framework and therefore designed to cater to a variety of application scenarios. From one point of view, this is its strength, yet from another point of view in a particular application scenario when everything it offers is not required, this very strength becomes its weakness.

To overcome this weakness, concept of package was thought for. Custom package provides ultimate flexibility in this context. For a fluidApp, content of Kernel and Core packages is a must. Therefore these are automatically included while building. For everything else (keeping their mutual dependencies in mind) a variety of build customization options are provided in form of COMP_XXX settings. E.g., COMP_EVENTS to include publisher/subscriber plugin), COMP_SHORTCUTS to include shortcut keys manager plugin, etc. With these settings a specific set of plugins and features can be included or excluded as per requirement.

A fluid.debug.js files assembled by such customization is called Custom package of the framework.

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