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10 MAR 2013 - 0.1.949

  1. Dynamic fluidOptions update via queryString is now controlled by $f.config.option.isAllowDynamicFluidOptions setting.
  2. New plugin $f.bus is added. This adds events publishing and subscribing functionality to framework.
  3. Plugins and features now can define events and subscriptions at design time and $f.bus make them come alive.
  4. Some fixes.
  5. More examples.

03 MAR 2013 - 0.1.842

  1. Includes a key feature to "include" external dependencies (JS, CSS and HTML template files) for a plugin or feature.
  2. Includes an IE specific IO driver which removes dependency from Java Runtime Engine (JRE).
  3. Object factory and properties are re-factored as a features of 'utils' plugin although still part of core package.
  4. $f.error, $f.trace and $f.alert.debug functions now writes to browser console as well unless configured not to do so by setting "isWriteToConsole" option to false.
  5. Includes minor fixes and kernel enhancements.
  1. OPTION_FLUIDJS_CONSIDER_ADDITIONAL_CUSTOM_CONTENT is set to 1, so optional features/plugins over and above what is available in core package can be included in build.
  2. COMP_FILE_INCLUDE is set to 1 to support "include" functionality in plugins and features.
  3. COMP_IO_FSO is set to 1 to support FileSystemObject based IO driver for Internet Explorer browser.

24 FEB 2013 - 0.1.786

  1. Another weekend release - a stability release this time.
  2. Includes stripped kernel.
  3. 'environment', 'utils' and 'app' plugins are moved to 'core' package, keeping 'kernel' package to a bare minimum.
  4. 'kernel' package code re-factored to handle absence of these plugins.
  5. 'simulatedPackage' functionality is added to kernel to simulate 'core' or 'kernel' package even in a 'custom' or 'full' package.
  6. Include kernel support for dynamic fluidOptions overrides via query string parameters in startup html url.
  7. Build engine updated to support bundling package simulation metadata at build time.
  8. Minor kernel bugs fixed.
  9. Documentation covers more topics now. (look for hyperlinks in API Overview topic)
  10. Example platform is updated to support package simulation. (look for package selection dropdown on examples page)
  11. In-example annotation sidebar is reorganized for easy and focused understanding.
NOTES (Consider if you are building yourself and have a previous version's source code)
  1. In order to build 'kernel' or 'core' package OPTION_FLUIDJS_CONTENT to 1 or 2 respectively, in \customizations\buildOptions.bat file.
  2. With 'simulatePackage' functionality, it is no longer required to fiddle with OPTION_FLUIDJS_CONTENT setting, unless you really want to build a stripped-down package for distribution.
  3. Several files and folders are renamed and reorganized.
  1. $ is now an object instead of string. The value of $ can now be read from, $ instead.
  2. $f.extend.core is renamed to $f.extend.system
  3. fluidjs assembling metadata definition format is changed to include simulation metadata.

17 FEB 2013 - 0.1.500

  1. The second release.
  2. Includes core of the framework - which builds over kernel and forms the basis of all future functionalities.
  3. Baked in "document", "files", "IO", "sessionStore" and "states" plugins.
  4. Also includes system features like "fsa" and "dynamicExtend".
  5. Include missing template for a custom "app" plugin.
  6. Bundled examples covers following concepts:
    1. Configuring framework using "fluidOptions"
    2. App Plugin
    3. Dynamically loading plugins and features
    4. Client-side session management
    5. Client-side state management
  7. Minor kernel bugs fixed.
NOTES (Consider if you are building yourself and have a previous version's source code):
  1. In order to build core set OPTIONFLUIDJSCONTENT=2 in \customizations\buildOptions.bat file.
  2. Use provided fluidOptions.debug.js and fluidOptions.release.js files instead of old ones.
  1. $f.get.plugin.byQualifiedName() signature is changed.

12 FEB 2013 - 0.1.494

  1. First ever public release - called Amoeba.
  2. Includes only the kernel of the framework.
  3. Bundles Windows shell based build engine - which supports only "debug" build as of now.
  4. Packs in jQuery v1.9.1 (
  5. Packs in jquery plugin (
  6. Defines some super generic globals such as "isFunction", "isArray", "isDefined", etc.
  7. Defines framework globals "fluid" and "$f".
  8. Pre-load configuration using "fluidOptions" global.
  9. Baked in "environment", "utils" and default "app" core plugins.
  10. Include templates for a custom "plugin", a "feature" and "app" plugin.
  11. Include examples platform that runs all examples locally with full in-browser debug support.
  12. Bundled examples covers concepts such as "Hello World", "Plugins", "Features" and "App Plugin".

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